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Followers are the easiest way to reduce the enemy Towers' Faith, defend your own Tower, and Attack enemy Followers. A Follower Arrives in the Kingdom in which you paid it's Devotion Cost. Each Follower has six important attributes:

1. Card Name

2. Devotion Cost - Indicates which Altars you must Exhaust in order to play this card from your hand.

3. Card Type/Follower Type

4. Card Ability - Indicates any special abilities/Keyword Mechanics that this Follower has.

5. Zeal - A Follower's Zeal indicates much Faith this Follower causes an enemy Follower/Tower to lose when this Follower Attacks it.

6. Faith - A Follower's Faith number indicates much Faith they can lose before they are Forsaken.

7. Rarity - A Follower's Rarity determines how many of that card you can add to your deck. You can include four of any common, three of any uncommon, 2 of any rare, and 1 of any mythic in your deck.

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Decrees deliver powerful, one-time effects. When you play a Decree, it is placed into The Gate, so you can decide which Follower your Decree will target. After you play a Decree, and it fulfills its effect, it is placed directly into The Past.

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Kingdom-Wide Blessings

Kingdom-Wide Blessings stick around and have long lasting and powerful effects for as long as they remain in play. Kingdom-Wide Blessings affect the entire Kingdom in which they are played.

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A Miracle card is played face-down, and its effect is a secret when it is first played. Only when your opponent matches the conditional requirement of that specific Miracle card does it flip face-up. When a Miracle is flipped up, its effect happens. Miracles can only trigger on your opponent's turn.

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