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Strife, Lord of War - Copy.png

Strife, Lord of War

Strife embodies the anarchistic desire to see the world filled with fire, chaos, war, and destruction. This desire grew into masochism and blood lust.

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Infestation, God of Growth - Copy.png

Infestation, God of Growth

Infestation embodies the desire for a primal strength, mastery of the senses, and prosperity. This desire grew out of control and became the embodiment of gluttony and swarm-like overgrowth.

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Occult, God of Mysticism - Copy.png

Occult, God of Mysticism

Occult embodies the desire to understand the world, and unlock hidden knowledge. This desire unlocked a secret world full of ethereal visitors and arcane mysteries that would drive any non-believer insane.

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Contagion, God of Decay - Copy.png

Contagion, God of Decay

Contagion embodies the sadistic desire for death, decay, plague and torture that only the sick and depraved wished upon the world. This desire was amplified and evolved into an infectious evil.

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Grandeur, God of Glory - Copy.png

Grandeur, God of Glory

Grandeur embodies the desire for pride, honor, showmanship, and the lust for glory. This desire became the embodiment of egotism, vainglory, and arrogance.

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